The Diminuendo Press is proud
to announce the release of
A new collection of luminous poetry
by Burgess Needle

"Narrative verse has found a new voice,
a storyteller of verve and brio, recasting
the lapidary virtues of the short story into
musical lines, new American rhythms and
Adam Piette, Professor of Modern Literature
University of Sheffield


"Every Crow In the Blue Sky, a collection of poetry by the Tucson author, Burgess Needle, is exquisite. Burgess is a poet who does what all writers wish to do. He translates life into poetry. The reader sees what he sees, breathes the same air, is transported to other places, is surprised and enlightened by his unique take on things, and above all, re-experiences the delicate mixture of emotions that defines what it means to be human."
000 Ruth Stone, recipient of the National Book Award

Burgess Needle is a Tucson poet whose work has appeared in: The Hiss Quarterly, Blackbox Manifold (UK), Kritya (India), Black Mountain Review (UK), Concho River Review, Red Fez,Centrifugal Eye, Raving Dove, Poetry Monthly International, Full of Crow, Origami Condom, Thirteen Myna Birds, Autumn Sky, Gutter Eloquence, Free Verse, Zafusy (UK) and Iodine.

Every Crow In the Blue Sky copyright @ 2009 Cyberwizard Productions
Individual poems copyright @ 2009 Burgess Needle
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